Workshop for Marketing Knowledge

If you are undecided as to which area of marketing you need to invest in, get in touch with us to discuss an SME Marketing Workshop.  The content for a workshop is decided by you on any area of marketing that you wish to become more informed about, for example:  Producing a plan, advertising communications, enhancing your look & feel, how to price for profitability, inbound marketing etc.

Marketing Workshops

  • Suitable for B2B or B2C companies
  • Tailored to your company
  • 1:1: or 1:4 (max)
  • Flexible: You choose the topics
  • 3 hours in length

Retail Marketing Workshops

  • Suitable for Food/Product producers
  • Tailored to your category in-store
  • 1:1: or 1:4 (max)
  • Aerial view of Grocery Retail
  • 3 hours in length

Each Workshop is aimed at helping you become more informed about a particular area(s) of marketing so you can make more informed planning decisions.

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