Retail Marketing

Marketing is marketing right? Wrong. Retail Marketing otherwise known as Trade Marketing is a specialist area of marketing. This really rings true when you go to secure your first listing with ‘A Buyer’ and walk out wondering if you skipped a new foreign language subject in school. At SME Marketing we speak fluent ‘Retail’!

Retail Marketing has different tactics to other industries. Knowing these tactics and when to use them can be the difference between a profitable product manufacturer and one who struggles to cope with capacity, scalability and the administration that comes with dealing with ‘The Trade’.

Distribution planning, transport, supply chain, EDI, barcodes, promotional SKU’s and 90 day payments are only some of the major stumbling blocks a business faces within the retail channel. Outsourced merchandisers, distributors, raw materials suppliers and a whole new set of abbreviated ‘retail’ terms are some more . . . the list seems endless. SME Marketing has both the experience and expertise to brand your products and advise you on how to secure listings with retailers.

Retail Marketing Service Menu

Development of Route to Market Strategies

  • Market and Consumer Research
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Cash-flow Forecasts
  • Distribution Options
  • Pricing for profitability
  • Sales Channel Planning (Food Service/Retail)
  • How to Deal with Buyers
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • New Product Development Planning In-store Demonstrations
  • Promotional Calendar Planning

Design & Creative Services

  • Logo/Business Card/Website
  • Packaging/Branding/Barcodes
  • Point of Sale Design (POS)
  • Trade Show Branding


  • TV, Radio, Press, Trade Magazines
  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube
  • In-store Demonstrations

We advise, plan and explain the workings of Retail Marketing to businesses who want to remain focused on their passion – making their product. If you crack retail marketing, there is nothing more satisfying than walking the aisles and seeing customers put your passion in their shopping basket.

We work with clients through mentoring, consultation, planning and implementation. You choose which works best for your business. If you are a food or product manufacturer and want an overview of the workings of retailing in Ireland, then talk to us about our Retail Marketing Workshops.

Our workshops last 3 hours and are a ‘fast-track’ way of getting expert marketing knowledge into your business. We do one-to-one and one-to-many sessions. Our difference is we tailor the content to your business needs. They are designed to be the cheapest and quickest way to get everyone’s thinking aligned. Read More

If you have multiple marketing, advertising or creative projects that you need turned around, the most cost effective way to do that is to pay on a retainer. Spread your costs over a set period of time and the benefits are forecasted monthly amounts were you don’t feel on the clock with every phone call. You get to spread out and plan your spends . . . and so do we. Read More

Ideal for when your marketing team needs adhoc support to turn around specific projects that may overstretch them on time. Outsourcing projects means your team remain focused on completing their tasks because you outsourced the adhoc projects. Project work is ideal for brand audits, website and collateral redesigns or new channel planning like email integration. Read More

Most of our consultancy work is in strategy planning where we work with Managing Directors and or other business consultants in defining the opportunities for growth and the supporting plan to get there. We also consult with companies who have their plans in place but would like a second opinion. Read More

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