Marketing for Expanding SME’s

At SME Marketing we offer clients end-to-end outsourced marketing expertise. Our services allow Business Owners and Managers access to Senior Marketing Planning and/or Creative Agency Management, without the cost of hiring full time marketing staff.

If marketing is an area that falls outside your core expertise, we understand it can take time to work out how it can be integrated into your company. We know you may have recognised the need for marketing but are not sure of what exactly it is and how to introduce it into your business model.

To smooth out this decision, we offer clients a menu of services (see below) and options for you to gain access to marketing expertise, before over committing on your decision. We provide our services on a retainer basis, a project fee basis and we also offer advice through ‘workshops’. We offer this level of flexibility so that our clients remain in control of their investment in marketing expertise and can dip in and out of our service as and when the need arises.

Our Services


  • Marketing Planning for Profitability
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Analysis of product / service profitability
  • Pricing strategies for growth
  • Route to Market Planning / New Channels
  • Setting the Marketing Budget


  • Advertising Plans (online/offline)
  • Agency Briefing
  • Agency Appointments
  • Budget Management
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Measurement Controls
  • Budget setting & Management
  • Setting Deliverables for agencies

If your goal is expansion, new sales channel identification, re-branding or increased profitability, then you will have realised your business will benefit from external expertise. We can help you identify a direction for your company and produce a companywide plan to get you there. Employing marketing staff of this calibre costs money, so we give our clients access to marketing expertise for a fraction of the hiring cost.

Outsourcing as a model is growing in popularity because it’s cheaper than hiring full time staff, you get back time to focus on running your business while we work on bringing the sales to you. We get the job done, we do it well, on time and to budget. 

Our workshops last 3 hours and are a ‘fast-track’ way of getting expert marketing knowledge into your business. We do one-to-one and one-to-many sessions. Our difference is we tailor the content to your business needs. They are designed to be the cheapest and quickest way to get everyone’s thinking aligned. Read More

If you have multiple marketing, advertising or creative projects that you need turned around, the most cost effective way to do that is to pay on a retainer. Spread your costs over a set period of time and the benefits are forecasted monthly amounts were you don’t feel on the clock with every phone call. You get to spread out and plan your spends . . . and so do we. Read More

Ideal for when your marketing team needs adhoc support to turn around specific projects that may overstretch them on time. Outsourcing projects means your team remain focused on completing their tasks because you outsourced the adhoc projects. Project work is ideal for brand audits, website and collateral redesigns or new channel planning like email integration. Read More

Most of our consultancy work is in strategy planning where we work with Managing Directors and or other business consultants in defining the opportunities for growth and the supporting plan to get there. We also consult with companies who have their plans in place but would like a second opinion. Read More

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