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Marketing for

Who once said;
‘if you cannot do great things,
you can do small things well’
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Marketing for

Do you want to get your product listed?
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Marketing for

Who has the winning game plan . . .
your competitor or you?

So what is Marketing?

Successful business owners share one common believe when it comes to marketing – they all know the smartest plans start with ‘The _____ ’
Have a look at this video to find out!

Click here for our blog post on the highlights of ‘how to think about marketing in your business’.

If Marketing was a person, here is what you should ask them:

  • Where is the business now?
  • What is the future potential?
  • How do you get it there?
  • How much will it cost?
If Marketing could talk it would probably tell you its voice lies within our advice . . . but that’s just hear say!

SME Marketing

SME Marketing services are designed to work with Irish businesses to help them grow by becoming better at marketing. Just because a business needs to ‘cut its cloth to suit its measure’ doesn’t mean it can’t access expert marketing advice. We know time and budgets are hurdles for businesses that need access to sound advice so we tailor our services to help you overcome these barriers. SME Marketing gives you access to senior marketing advice without the cost of hiring full time staff.

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Micro SME

Micro Enterprises account for 93% of all the small businesses in Ireland.

We know you don’t require full on marketing plans but we do know you need expert advice to grow your business. We make our advice available to you in bite size chunks that you can manage and afford.

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Retail Sector

Food Marketing and other Artisan enterprises form part of the country’s economic plan to recovery. We know most companies looking to sell their products through Retail Channels lack options for sound advice that they can access as their business grows. Packaging and web design, making decisions to go Central Distribution and cash-flow planning to cope with 90 day retailer payments are just some of the areas we can help you with when wanting to sell through Irish Retailers.

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Expanding SME

If marketing is not your core area and you want to expand then outsourcing is an ideal way to get expertise into your business. Outsourcing is growing in popularity as it is more cost effective than hiring full time staff. Think of outsourcing your marketing like you do with your accountancy . . . the only difference is we bring sales through the door – not tax bills!

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